LEGO Ninjago: "It's Garmadon"

| Warner brothers |

I wrote a song with the De Luca Brothers for the LEGO Ninjago movie.  "It's Garmadon" is Garmadon's theme, and man, did I have fun with this.  I think we're all secretly a little addicted to LEGO, so the opportunity to write for this project was mind-meltingly awesome and I loved it.

Lumos - Only Wonder EP

I co-wrote and produced the songs on this EP.  This is the single, "Flames".  Lumos-wow.  They have some serious pipes.

Lumos on Spotify

Lumos Website 

Prinze George - "Lights Burn Out"

| Sounds Expensive Records |

I co-wrote and added a bunch of the instruments/sounds for this track.  Prinze George are such a total blast to write with.  This song just kinda fell out of a great hang.

Prinze George on Spotify

Prinze George Website 

SPacecats in Space!

| Robotic Potato |

This game is bananas.  Also, amazing.  I had a total blast writing this music.  The best part about writing for video games is that there's no 'right answer'.  It's such a wide-open creative field, as long as it's cool or interesting, it works.

SpaceCats in Space! Website

Vice on HBO.jpeg


| HBO |

I get to write music for Vice on HBO.  Those reporters go so insanely deep into the environments of the stories, it's a wonder none have died.  Wait-googling that...No, none have died.  I love this show.

Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters

| Animal Planet |

This show is as badass as it sounds.  I had the pleasure of writing some thunder americana tracks for awesome scenes of dudes chasing down other dudes on motorcycles through the wilderness.

Black Fathers

| Facebook |

This beautiful piece of visual inspiration was shot by the good folks over at WeNavigate.  It hits home, and it was a total privilege to add the sonic element to it.



I Am Cait

| E! |

I was very happy to provide the music for the newly Caitlinized Cait to deal with her crazy family and live so very publicly.  I scored a mish-mosh of tracks for both seasons, of varying degrees of emotionality.




| MTV |

The seedy underside of the internet.  This show makes me remember the beginning of chatrooms, and AOL, and Diablo2, and wow this is a deep dark memory path. Either way-stoked to make creepy and emotional tracks for this show!


| Unbroken Liquid |

I scored this very cool spot-however I personally have never tried to vape or any E-cigarette.  However if I did, you can bet your britches I'd use Unbroken Liquid.

Murder, My Tweet

| Jordan Zakarin |

In a high-tech world, where does an old-school P.I. fit in?  Painting classic detective-style music over a modern canvas was incredibly fun, and miss Natalie Hart slayed the vocals on for the theme, "Dangerman". 

The Girl From THe Wilderness

| Alp Guman |

In this post-apocalyptic world, The only civilization left lives underground with the only goal of opening the Box.  Until she arrives.

The music had to be as vast and foreboding as the tone of this awesome film.  Natalie Harts exquisite vocals also graced the theme.


| Citizens Bank |

It was awesome teaming back up with the WeNavigate dudes for this campaign. This is the 1st of 4 narratives of great people doing great things for their families.

Andaz Hotels

| Hyatt |

Hyatt has a brand of hotels called Andaz-specifically aimed at millennials.  They wanted a piece of contemporary music to grow and evolve with the picture. I have never stayed in an Andaz hotel, but I imagine this is what it sounds like.





| NBC |

It's always a conflicting feeling having music over such intensely buzzkill footage.  I'm psyched to contribute score, but man, these are some sad stories.  Either way, I'm glad they catch the perps.

Life at vet u

| Animal Planet |

This show is not for the faint of heart.  And I am pretty faint of heart.  That over there <-- is a horse being born.  A friggin' horse, being friggin' born.  WHAT.  I can barely handle.  However what I can do, is provide music!

states of undress

| Viceland |

Hailey Gates goes travels deep into the underbelly of fashion, corruption, surgery, and general mayhem.  It's the world behind the clothes, the seedy slumlords who run the textile factories, and the beauty obsessed models who carve themselves up for a chance to escape poverty. This show-as all with VICE shows-has kept me riveted.   

Siemens Microgrid

| Wenavigate |

This technology is super cool, and as a former Brooklyn resident this really hit home and appealed to me.  I love working with the dudes at WeNavigate, they always find the heart in the project.

abraham - mine

| Lauren Sieczkowski |

The super talented Lauren Sieczkowski took a bunch of beautiful people upstate to film a series of ads for Abraham, a clothing company.  I scored them, and this one is my favorite because I got to make a song I like, and I also got to wrestle my wife to make the foley sounds.


| VICE |

Colgate made a series of videos about water conservation with Michael Phelps, to tell us stories in the time we leave the water running to brush our teeth. California is where I was raised so this one meant alot to me, and because it's VICE, it's super raw and deep.  I was proud to have some music in this. 

Why Would I

| Lumos |

Working with Lumos is always the best.  They are so crazy talented and awesome, these songs just fall out of sessions.  These gal's voices will give you goosebumps/shivers/holy revelations/etc.



| WeNavigate |

I did 4 spots for the always innovative WeNavigate and their Time/Lavazza campaign.  I was very psyched because Lavazza coffee is totally delicious and I drink it every day.  Also this dude in the video makes a chemix and I use one of those to make my coffee.  Much personal investment here.

Blood Ride

| Rabbit Bandini |

This movie was a wild ride.  Abused girls form a biker gang wage war on douchey dudes.  Super intense and a great piece to build music into.  This scene is my favorite.

Alibi monster.jpeg


| Alibi Music |

I wrote a bunch of songs for Alibi music.  Some of them were for an 80's style album, and some were for a more indie-vibe one.  All of them were a blast to make and I'm glad this little orange monster over here reps them.

80's Album:

Indie album:


| Proscenium |

I was psyched to write this track for Proscenium, an events marketing juggernaut that puts on enormous events I can’t even comprehend. Any project I can have blasty horns and loud guitars, I’m a happy guy.

left for good

| Denham |

This is the 1st single off of the upcoming “Blossom” EP. I had a total blast co-writing and producing this track with the always amazing, always soulful, ever so tall Denham.

wendys maple bacon.jpg

Maple Bacon

| wendys |

I just ate one of these on a road trip to Kentucky with my wife and dog. It was delicious, and it made me proud to write music for such biscuit-encased goodness.


|Alex Britten & Andy Forsberg|

This Ep was a total blast to make. Andy and I worked entirely remotely to build this EP of moody music with beats, trying to combine dusty grooves with casual epicness.