Ink Master

| Spike tv |

I am very psyched to mix season 9 of this juggernaut of a show.  "Shop Wars" is a whole new approach to the competition, making it team-based.  I love this show, I love the bonkers situations they put them in, I love how creative these artists can be (Ice sculpting? Metal welding? Wow).  This is tons o fun. 

ink master

Season 10

| Paramount Network |

I'm back on Ink Master, and I'm super psyched because my winning pick from last season (DJ) is back as a coach.  This dude is the most creative person I've ever seen, and I love watching him week to week.  Also they pulled out all of the stops on this teaser right?

Ink Master Redemption

| Spike tv |

This spin off of the Ink Master juggernaut is basically Ink Master meets Jerry Springer.  Super angry people, hyped up tattoo artists, and alot of needles.  And Dave Navarro running in and out like a goth Willie Wonka.  I mix this show, and it is a blast every episode.


| 360i |

I mixed the campaign for this delicious product. The Virtuo has a ton of flavors that blast your head with caffeine, and I dig it. Also that production design-awesome right?


| Spotify sxsw |

This dude has such a Prince vibe, it's awesome.  A totally fun session to mix with insanely catchy melodies.

TOTEM on Spotify

American Vagabond

| Black Bear Tribe |

I, as well as most musicians, learned how to play music playing rock.  Mixing this awesome album was the 1st time I've gotten to return to that since I started.  The most consistent request from the band was "Can you make it louder?".  Yes, Black Bear Tribe.  Yes I can.

Black Bear Tribe on Spotify

Black Bear Tribe on Itunes

Ciaran Lavery

| Spotify sxsw |

Ciaran Lavery's songs have entered my head and will not leave.  Will.  Not.  Leave.   Man can this dude write a song.  And sing!  I forgot about that-he shakes hearts and leaves a trail of goosebumps.  Wow.  A total pleasure to mix this session.

Ciaran Lavery on Spotify 

"Ever Us"

| Forevermark Diamonds |

I mixed this fancy and beautiful commercial (created by the brilliant 3rd Strand).  It should make you want to buy many diamonds. 

Twin Peaks

| Spotify sxsw |

If the Rolling Stones were born in the 90s and started a punk-ish band today, this would be the band.  Those guitar licks are so freaking cool.  These songs were so fun to mix.

Twin Peaks on Spotify


| Gonoodle |

I made a the beat and produced this track.  I love this song-as corny as it is to say, these dudes made me forget I was learning.  


| Abraham - Milk Studios |

This artsy foodfight, directed by the always awesome Lauren Sieczkowski, was one of a few spots we did for Abraham.  Fancy clothes, fancy people, and breakfast made like it's supposed to be made.

dads and daughters

| HP |

This spot is so important in the cultural climate right now.  Total props to HP for shedding a light on this in such a unique way.  This was awesome to mix because it's something I really believe in.

I Love you but i lied

| Lifetime |

This show is an hour long episodic of some epic, high-class sleaze.  Fancy New York people, cheating on other fancy new york people.  Affairs, witness protection, secret kids, trust fund lies, etc.  I mix this show, and aside from a great gig, it is now a guilty pleasure.

The future of everything

| Astronada |

Astronada is such a relentlessly creative house, working with them is a total blast.  I love this spot they made and I was amped up to be a part of it. 

Cold war kids-can we hang on?

| Spotify |

Mixing some of Spotify's original content is a total honor, and I get to see some of my favorite bands in such vulnerable states-it's awesome.  This song is amazing and hearing the story behind it was very gratifying. 


| syfy |

I Sound Designed and Mixed the “Obsessed” campaign for SyFy. Their Fan-created series is about fans who go all in on the stuff they love, something we should all take a lesson from. I love how much passion these people have, and it was a pleasure to work on. Contracted by Figure and Groove.

ink master season 11

| Paramount |

Very psyched to be back on board for season 11 of Ink Master. This show is a juggernaut, and I’m pretty sure when they hit season 20 it’s going to be return of all the Ink Masters for a Grand Masters battle to crown the Ultimate Ink Master. Either way, this season is a blast and Cleen Rock One is a shark come to life.