More Projects:

Countdown TO Zero

| Vice |

A couple of my tracks were used in this mind-melting special about the 1st potential cure of AIDS.  Wow.  Heavy stuff, as per the Vice standard, engrossingly awesome.


| WeNavigate |

Contributing music for a cause such as the ACLU was a proud day for me.  The ACLU Summer Institute broadens so many thousands of kid's minds and prepares and inspires them for taking on the challenges of this weird world.  Another by the most excellent dudes at WeNavigate. 

The Challenge

| MTV |

Oh man.  Who didn't grow up watching Real World vs. Road Rules?  I was psyched to bring things full circle, and provide some vicious rock for the 28th season (28!) using guitar chops I most definitely forged playing the music from the 2nd or 3rd seasons of this show as a lil tyke.

Over Dinner

| Reza Hasan |

This incredibly creepy film is about a neurotic young pastry chef who watches people in relationships.  Then goes home and re-creates them with the guy she keeps chained up in her closet.  WHAAAAT.

Needless to say the music had to be creepy and sparse.  The always brilliant Natalie Hart is once again the voice of the theme.

Are You the One?

| MTV |

I had the good fortune to write some 'epic' music for these fancy kids to hook up to.  Also some sad songs for when no hook ups were happening.

On The case with paula zahn

| ID CHannel |

Danger!  Trouble!  Fearblast!  That's what my music functions as in this show, warnings of terror, and montages of suspense.  I have no problem with this.  

Brady Oh Show EP

| Jingle Punks |

I co-wrote and produced the EP of the man-beast known as Brady Oh.  Equal parts disco fiend and greasy punk machine, this was definitely the sweatiest session work for the team.

Brady Oh Show Website

Blood Ride

| Rabbit Bandini |

This movie was a wild ride.  Abused girls form a biker gang and wage war on douchey dudes.  Super intense and a great piece to build music into.  This scene gives me chills.


| Spotify sxsw |

This batch of songs is about as nostalgic as it gets. Flashback to highschool 100%.  I mixed this, and it was awesome to mix.

Daywave on Spotfiy


| Non equity the musical |

This was my 1st time mixing a musical.  It wasn't all that different from an album, except for the massive blocks of perfect majestic harmonies.  Wowza, these folks can sing.  And I felt all the feels.

Non-Equity on Spotify

Dark water

| Denham |

This track was the first track we wrote together, and I totally love it. It’s moody, it’s atmospheric, it’s rolling and soulful. Collaborating with Denham is awesome every time.